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Plot Deeds in Seconds!

The inspiration to create Dead Reader Pro came from the desire to simplify and reduce the amount of time it takes to plot deeds.  With Deed Reader Pro many deeds can be plotted in a matter of seconds.



How It Works

Deed Reader Pro uses an optical character recognition engine to covert pdf's and images of deeds to text.  From the text, an advanced algorithm is used to locate and extract the bearing and distance calls along with monument descriptions and descriptions of the adjoining tracts to a call table. Data in the call table can be manually edited if needed and then the deed can then be plotted in AutoCAD or IntelliCAD. 

Calls are uniquely color coded and an image of the original deed can be generated with highlighted calls so that the call table can quickly and easily be compared to the deed text.

Plotted deeds can be exported as dxf files as well as point coordinate files. 

Deed Reader Pro has many advanced capabilities:

  • Commencement calls ‒ Calls leading to the point of begging are read and plotted.

  • Bearings in many different formats can be 

  • Decimal degrees

  • Deflection and interior angles

  • Tie lines and offset monuments

  • Multiple units in a single deed are supported. Units of feet, yards, chains, poles, links and meters are supported. Units of chains, poles and links can be combined in a single call.

  • Passing monuments ‒ multiple passing monuments in a single call are supported

How it works

Download Deed Reader Pro today and try for free for 15 days!

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